Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil (Rose Otto) - 2ml. The Best Essential Oil in the World

Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil (Rose Otto) - 2ml. The Best Essential Oil in the World

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Before buying Rose Essential Oil, you need to understand the difference between Rose Hip Oil, Rose Absolute Oil and Rose Essential Oil (Rose Otto).

First, Rose Hip Oil is NOT and essential oil, it is actually a carrier oil. It is produced from Rose bushes that grow all around the world. It doesn’t have any of the qualities of the real Rose Essential Oil and is dramatically cheaper than Rose Essential Oil.

Rose Absolute Oil is also substantially cheaper and different, since it is not a steam-distilled essential oil, but rather solvent extracted oil, with much lesser cosmetic and therapeutic qualities.

The real, coveted, Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil is produced only from one special Rose - Rose Damascena that is an oil-bearing Rose grown in Bulgaria and it is by far the most expensive and treasured oil in the World. VISAGENICS is the world’s premium organic grower and producer of this most amazing of all essential oils.

It takes 2 tons of Rose petals to produce just 1 kilogram of pure Rose Essential Oil. Here you can buy only the real, VISAGENICS Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil (Rose Otto). Enjoy!

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Product description

•Clean, 100% natural product

•Undiluted, with absolutely no additives. 100% pure. Extra purified for cosmetics use (at home or industrial)

•Organic - European Union Product Certified

•Exceptional Quality – MC-DS Tested and Certified. Superior to any other Rose Essential Oil produced in Bulgaria or elsewhere around the world. View Laboratory Analysis

•Ultra-pure. Carefully steam-distilled and filtered to be extra clean and much more potent than regular 100% pure Rose Essential Oil.

•Exceptional when used for skincare, hair care, body care applications

•Fresh from our farm fields in Bulgaria. Here you buy direct from the producer.

•Rich, floral scent that will make you fall in love with this oil


As one of the most expensive natural ingredient in skincare, you can achieve clear and glowing skin at home with this ultra-pure Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil by VISAGENICS. Simply scoop a little from your favorite skincare cream and add a drop of Rose Oil. Apply twice a day and watch the results! VISAGENICS Rose Essential Oil has more than 60 natural, compounds that are beneficial for the skin!

CAUTION: This is a highly-potent natural ingredient. Do not use undiluted on skin!



More information about Visagenics Rose Essential Oil (Rose Otto)

VISAGENICS boutique, Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil comes direct from our farm and distillery in Rose Valley, Bulgaria.

As one of the major producers and wholesalers of Bulgarian Rose Oil (Rose Otto), we only recently started offering our most premium selection of Rose Essential Oil to the general public in the US. Now we have quickly become the “go to” place for quality Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil in US.

Carefully Steam distilled for extreme purity, therapeutic grade, with absolutely no additives.

Additional filtration process to achieve ultra purity that makes the oil unmatched in any beauty application such as skincare, hair care and body care home uses.

Simply the best essential oil for skincare, hair care and aromatherapy.

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