VISAGENICS is a producer of ultra-high quality Essential Oils in Rose Valley, Bulgaria. We are proud with our products and we want you to experience them, first hand, with no intermediaries.

Our Oils are nothing like the rest! We use proprietary filtration process, after the steam distillation, which makes our Essential Oils ultra-pure for use in the cosmetics industry, home beauty applications and any other use that requires 100% pure, medical grade essential oils.

Whether you need very small Retail quantities or large Wholesale quantities, you will be happy you found us>


Why the Essential Oils produced in Bulgaria are the best in the world?

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It all starts with the unique climate and the clean soil of Bulgaria. Bulgaria has 4 seasons, but the winter is mild, yet snowy, which allows the herb plants to stay watered without freezing.

Due to its low industrialization, the soil has low levels of chemicals and the air is not polluted, which gives the plants natural organic purity that is higher than the purity of organic plants produced in highly industrialized nations, such as France, Hungary, USA, etc. It is not by any chance that Bulgaria has grown to be world leader in the production of Lavender and Melissa. And for Rose Oil, Rose Absolute, Rose Water, Chamomile, White Pine, Juniper Berry is regarded as the best quality in the world.

Secondly, it is the centuries-old traditions of Bulgaria’s manufacturers in the production of Essential Oils. With the Rose Oil and the Lavender Oil leading the world in terms of quality, as far back as the 18th century.

VISAGENICS uses that tradition in oil making and adds modern laboratory testing + “MC-DS” testing and certification in order to ensure the highest quality and purity of Visagenics Bulgarian Essential Oils production.

Visagenics operates its own 200 hectares of herb plants in Bulgaria and its own Essential oil refinery, which enables us to guarantee the quality of each Essential oil on every stage of production.

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