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Why Bulgarian Lavender is the best in the world

why bulgarian lavender essential oil is the best in the world

Among the many countries producing Lavender Essential Oil, such as England, France, Russia, Yugoslavia, Australia, USA, Canada, South Africa, Tanzania, Italy and Spain, Bulgaria is currently the largest producer of lavender essential oil in the world! Together with France we have the highest quality.

The potency of VISAGENICS lavender is something people prefer. The scent of Bulgarian lavender essential oil is much more enjoyable than that of French, English, or any other lavender oil.

Strangely enough the biggest export market of Bulgarian Lavender is actually France.

Why is that?

Bulgarian lavender has a much more deep, rich, and noticeable scent, while the other lavender variations tend to be lighter. Thus, lavender from Bulgaria is commonly found in perfumes and cosmetics.

When it comes to essential oils, the Bulgarian variety is what you’ll find most used and most enjoyed on the market.

All these advantages come first from the unique climate in Bulgaria that over the years has proved to be the perfect conditions for growing the Lavender plant and secondly from centuries-old tradition in the distillation process in Bulgaria.