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Our Mission is to provide unmatched quality pharmaceutical ingredients to corporate buyers around the world

about visagenics ESCULIN

The drug is a product of a coumarin derivative extracted from the bark of flowering ash (Fraxinus ornus). 

Esculin substance is used for manufacturing pharmaceuticals with venotonic, capillary-strengthening and antiphlogistic action, with similar action to that of vitamin P. It is excellent for treatment of internal and external hemorrhoids and varicose veins. 

Esculin is also used in the diagnostic laboratories.

Molecular Mass:  340.28  (anhydrous substance)

Molecular Mass:  367.31  (of crystalline water)


The substance is filled in double polyethylene bags of 25 kg. and placed in cardboard barrels.


IX French Pharmacopoeia, DAB 10

Expiration TERM

4 years

Wholesale Price

Visagenics produces its Esculin within the European Union, according to EU safety regulations. All production prices are in EURO, EXW. 

*For clients in USD, we issue USD quotes and invoice price in USD with an exchange rate set at the time of the PO, Contract or the Pro-Forma Invoice.

The Wholesale Price of Visagenics Esculin depends on the quantity.

- MOQ starting at just 25 kg. Price decreases with larger volume 

Please note that the wholesale price is subject to change with market price. You may lock in current prices by submitting a request for quote today.

*Note that you can also request a Free Sample from the batch you will be purchasing for your own quality testing.

international Shipping

Visagenics ships both AIR and SEA Cargo. Our preferred carrier is DHL, but we have flexible shipping options.We can also ship via our client's carrier account, accessing any preferred shipping discounts.

Shipping Origins:

- Country of Origin: Bulgaria

- Ship from our storage in Sofia, Bulgaria International Airport.

Shipping Destinations:

Visagenics provides International Shipping anywhere around the World, except Africa. We provide all necessary Customs Documentation. The process is quick and easy.

Shipping Packaging:

We ship only in brand new packaging. All packaging is sealed and stamped at the point of origin.

The substance is filled in double polyethylene bags of 25 kg. and placed in cardboard barrels.

Payment Terms

We always work towards establishing long term relationships with our corporate buyers and offer convenience and security in all transactions.

Product quality according to batch sample provided and specification documents is always 100% guaranteed by Visagenics. 

Product Inspection Options:

Inspection after delivery at your location. You can fully inspect the product after it is delivered at your location. You can rest assured that the VISAGENICS 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is always in place and you are always protected

Inspection before shipping. You can always fully inspect the shipment on the ground in our Bulgaria warehouse, before the payment and release to the shipping agent

Inspection at your destination at the warehouse of the carrier. Another option is CAD (Cash On Delivery) and inspect the shipment before Customs Release at the Carrier Warehouse (requires carrier authorization). CAD also requires bank to bank authorization for release of Customs clearance documentation after your bank orders the payment to our bank. (Contact us for details on CAD process)

Payment Terms:

- For regular clients we offer highly flexible payment terms, including partial pay upfront

- For first time clients, we usually require the oils to be paid in full, before the shipment is released to the carrier

- Our preferred method of payments is Bank to Bank Transfers

- For small quantities we can also accept PayPal payments on Invoice

- Credit Card payments are allowed for wholesale transactions below $5000, and only if initiated by the buyer and completed at our secure payment link. (sent on demand)

- Bank Accreditation and other Letters of Credit or Payment Guarantee is allowed only for regular Customers

Visagenics 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We offer 100% guarantee on the quality of the oils according to the provided specifications and batch sample.If for any reason, the oils that you received from us, do not meet the negotiated specifications, you will get a full refund and the shipment will be returned to us on our expense. (In our history, we never had a returned shipment!)


Easy purchasing terms | Flexible MOQs | International Shipping

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