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visagenics Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil

The aroma of Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil (Rose Otto) is warm and uplifting, creating a sense of positivity, harmony, and self-confidence. It is highly beneficial to the skin and is a popular ingredient in skin care preparations – especially for acne-prone skin as it has been proven to eliminate the bacteria that is responsible for such outbreaks.

Rose Essential Oil Production Process

Distilled from the fragrant petals of the Bulgarian Rose flower - "Rose Damascena", it takes more than two tons of rose petals to make a single kilogram of Rose essential oil. This alone makes it one of the most expensive and precious essential oils you can buy today, but it also means that much of so-called "rose oil" on the market is adulterated with lesser oils – like geranium, palmarosa, gaiac, citronella, and bois de rose – botanicals that mimic its heady scent.

Visagenics "Rose Valley" - home of the Visagenics farmlands and distillery in Bulgaria

Visagenics "Rose Valley" - home of the Visagenics farmlands and distillery in Bulgaria

As an established producer of Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil, VISAGENICS offers only the pure "Rose Otto" - organically made, with absolutely no additives. There is practically no better essential oil, in existence today.

Rose Essential Oil description

Visagenics Bulgarian Rose essential oil is steam distilled from the petals of the blooming flower and presents as a pale, thin, green-yellow liquid with a rich, sweet, and slightly spicy aroma representing a strong middle aromatic note.

In cooler temperatures, the liquid will thicken and may form crystals. This is a natural process and does not affect the quality or integrity of the oil. If this happens, simply warm the oil in a cup of hot water prior to use and the crystals will disappear. Keep this in mind when adding it to skin preparations as you may occasionally notice a change in the texture or consistency of your product. Keeping your products at room temperature should help you avoid these issues.

Rose otto is the purest form of rose oil. Tiny quantities of oil are separated from the hydrosol after distillation and it is this product that commands some of the highest prices of any essential oil sold today.

The principal chemical constituents of rose essential oil are:

·       Geraniol

·       Citronellal

·       Nerol

·       Eugenol

·       Farnesol

·       Phenol

How to Use Rose Essential Oil

Rose Oil Aromatherapy

Rose essential oil can be used therapeutically for a range of complaints, but it is also highly beneficial in cosmetic applications.

Here are some of the ways you can use Visagenics Rose Essential Oil:


Aromatherapy uses of rose essential oil

Diffuse a few drops of Visagenics Bulgarian Rose essential oil in your favorite room diffuser to imbue your home with the sexy, sweet scent of roses or place a few drops in a diffuser necklace to carry the scent with you all day. Add several drops to a warm bath for a calming and sensual experience.

You might also add several drops of rose essential oil to distilled water to use as a room spray. Avoid spraying on fabrics as it may stain.

Some of the benefits of the Bulgarian rose essential oil in aromatherapy include:

·       Calm inducing

·       Relieves headache

·       Reduces respiratory symptoms

·       Mood-enhancing, uplifting

·       Relieves depression and anxiety

·       Enhances sensuality and sexual confidence


Topical uses of Rose Essential Oil

Visagenics_Skin Care_1.jpg

Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil is a skin care ingredient with many benefits, including:

·       Enhances moisturization

·       Antibacterial

·       Antifungal

·       Acne treatment

·       Anti-inflammatory

·       Antiseptic

To use Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil topically, add a few drops to your favorite natural moisturizing lotion, shampoo or conditioner. A typical dilution ratio for rose essential oil is one drop for every 5 ml of liquid or carrier oil.

Apply small amounts directly to a wound or acne outbreak to promote fast healing. Add a few drops to a carrier oil such as coconut oil or sweet almond oil to use as a healing massage for sore, tired muscles.


Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil for home use

Rose essential oil can also be added to your favorite natural cleaning products to give them an antibacterial boost.


Caution statement

Although rose essential oil is considered to be one of the safest of all essential oils, it is always advisable to err on the side of caution. Before using the undiluted oil directly on your skin, test on a small area to gauge your sensitivity. If you observe any adverse reactions, discontinue immediately.

For topical lotions, skin or hair preparations, combine one drop of rose essential oil to every 5ml of carrier.

Avoid rose essential oil if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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About our production process

Bulgarian Rose Damascena is prized for its intense aroma and purity. Visagenics’ rose essential oil is made exclusively from organic Damascena Roses grown in Bulgaria.

Cultivated only in the Bulgarian “Rose Valley” of Kazanlak in the foothills of the Balkan Mountains, the VISAGENICS Bulgarian Rose Oil produced here is preferred to that of other countries and regions. The unique combination of climate, soil, and respectful stewardship has resulted in a product that we can claim as superior, surpassing all others in terms of quality, consistency, and concentration.

Harvested by hand in a careful and painstaking process, the blossoms are collected in the cool early mornings and taken directly to the still.

Once harvested, the petals are gently steam distilled. Heated slowly in small batches with pure, clean Bulgarian mountain spring water, the oil separates and floats to the top of the liquid. The oil is then collected and separated from the hydrosol, after which it is placed in clear glass containers where they are briefly exposed to sunlight. This exposure gently warms the oil, bringing all impurities to the surface where they can be skimmed off, leaving only the purest rose otto behind.

A small amount of the hydrosol is then blended back into the otto to make the final product, although the bulk of the hydrosol is primarily sold as rose water, a popular item in cosmetic perfumery.

We invite you to order Visagenics Rose Essential Oil either retail or wholesale. For wholesale or private label orders, Visagenics offers bulk pricing with a minimum order quantity 5kg. If you are interested in obtaining bulk pricing, please contact us directly for a quote.