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April 26, 2019 2 min read


The famous Lemon Balm is used by the ancient Greeks and Romans for its pleasant refreshing smell that resembles that of the lemon peel. It is a perennial herbaceous plant.

It is also widely used in the treatment of all kinds of bacterial, fungal and ulcerative infections due to its antiseptic properties. Massages with it relieve arthritis and rheumatic pain. In aromatherapy it is applied for depression. Located in a aromatherapy lamp, it helps with severe nervous tension, fearful neurosis, insomnia, high blood pressure, arrhythmia, menopause problems, throat infections. 


The Bulgaria Melissa essential oil is obtained from fresh leaves, sometimes from whole fresh stalks by steam distillation, immediately after the plant has been cut down. The oil is light yellow to light brown. It is characterized by a herbaceous aroma with fresh lemon notes. Due to its strong aroma, it's used in the liqueur, perfumery and cosmetics industry. It is also used in pharmacy and aromatherapy. The oil stabilizes the nervous system - in cases of extreme anxiety, depression, tension, fear and stress. It has powerful antiviral ingredients and helps in colds and flu.


Face cream
This remedy is best suitable for aging skin. Biologically active substances and vitamins contained in the lemon balm contribute to improving the tone of the skin, smoothing the wrinkles, helping for the oval of the face.
It is recommended to be enriched with buttermilk, home-made or professional cosmetics. 6-8 drops per 15 g of cream, masks can increase the oil content - up to 15 drops per 15 ml.
Lip balm
Dryness, scaling and cracks on the lips are easily removed, especially in cold weather or in windy climates. The easiest way is to add 2-3 drops of oil to your daily lip care. Melissa Essential Oil perfectly moisturizes sensitive skin, saturates it with vitamins, and protects against environmental influences. Mix 10 ml of base vegetable oil with 5 drops.
Hair balm
For oily skin on the head, seborrhea and dandruff, 2-3 drops of the oil is added in the usual portion of the shampoo. 6 weeks later the fat production is reduced, the dandruff will disappear and the hair will look healthier.


It blends well with: Basil Oil. Roman Chamomile Oil, Rose Oil, Geranium Oil, Frankincense Oil, Lavender Oil, Ylang-Ylang Oil.

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