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April 26, 2019 2 min read

You can fight stress and anxiety by using lavender essential oil. Keep reading to find how. People are usually suffering from stress in their everyday life due to the hectic life they are leading. 77% of Americans are feeling stressed on a regular basis as per the recent study by the American Institute of Stress. In which, the percentage of women is higher. Stress leads to lowering of mood and also provokes tiredness and drowsiness throughout the day. Sometimes, you might even find yourself tired after waking up even after you have slept for 6 to 7 hours. This is because your body was resting but your mind was not. So, there is a simple solution to fight your tiredness that will not harm you as well. You just need to do meditation and use Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil.


So, there is no need of adding chemicals to your body in the form of energy drinks or pills, you just need to use natural essential oils. Bulgarian Lavender Oil helps in reducing stress, almost instantly. You just need to put few drops in your palms and inhale it few times. You can also massage the oil on your temples and chin. Bulgarian Lavender Oil has high linalool and linalyl acetate content that are known as terpenes. These are helpful in reducing stress, fighting inflammation, realigning immune system, and relieving depression. This is the reason it is widely used in skin care, hair care, and as a diffuser. A lavender diffuser is also a healthy way to fragrance your room. It also helps in making you asleep.


There are some other uses of lavender essential oil as well. It has strong natural antibacterial qualities. Thus, it is widely used in skin care products to prevent acne and scars. It promotes cell growth and thus, you can use a drop of it on an acne/pimple or any scar and watch it heal by yourself. Put few drops of lavender oil if you are bitten by a mosquito. The itching will be gone. For sensitive skin, the lavender oil needs to be diluted into carrier oil such as coconut. You can also make a surface cleaning product with it. Mix lavender oil, coarse sea salt, a little pure alcohol and water and use it as a surface cleaner.

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