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From 2018, you can buy bottled oils from Visagenics with a wholesale discount. Simply click on SHOP in the main menu, and “add to cart” your products. If you accumulate more than $150 in your order, you can use Promo Code: WHOLESALE for your 40% Wholesale Discount! You also get Free Shipping! Enjoy…

We are proud with the quality of our Essential Oils!

Our essential oils are nothing like the rest. We use double filtration process after the steam distillation in order to produce ultra clean oils that are much more potent and highly preferred for home and industrial use in skincare, hair care and fragrance applications.  

Visagenics operates 200 hectares of herbal plants and owns its own Essential Oils Distillery and oil-testing laboratory.

  • All our oils are MC-DS Tested and Certified. We test for quality, each of our oils (first in own lab) and then use independent laboratory testing in the highly respectable “Phytochemia” Laboratory in Canada, in order to ensure to our customers superior quality to any other Essential oils producer.

  • All our oils are with COA (Country of origin) Bulgaria.

We adhere to strict organic farming and benefit from the clean air and soil of the famous Rose Valley in Bulgaria and its favorable climate conditions for exceptional quality herbs.

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