rose absolute oil Wholesale in bulk

Finest Quality Essential Oils Manufacturer

Finest Quality Essential Oils Manufacturer

We are proud with the quality of our rose absolute oil!

Our essential oils are nothing like the rest. We use double filtration process after the steam distillation in order to produce ultra clean oils that are much more potent and highly preferred for home and industrial use in skincare, hair care and fragrance applications.  

Visagenics operates 200 hectares of herbal plants and owns its own Essential Oils Distillery and oil-testing laboratory.

We specialize in essential oils, such as Lavender Oil, Rose Oil, Chamomile Oil, Melissa Oil, Juniper Berry Oil, White Pine Oil, Rose Absolute Oil, Rose Water and many others.

Essential oils from Bulgaria, in Stock

Ivan Dimitrov, CEO, Visagenics

Ivan Dimitrov, CEO, Visagenics

VISAGENICS produces oils for some of the largest French and American companies and is known for being a reliable partner and quality producer.

Wholesale Pricing, International Shipping


We offer highly competitive wholesale pricing, with discounts based on quantity. Our prices are in EURO, EXW and excluding the optional shipping insurance. Our Essential oils ship from our storehouse near Sofia International Airport , Bulgaria, so that you can easily request a shipping quote, in case you would like to use your own preferred carrier.

  • Our MOQ is highly flexible. We offer wholesale aluminum packaging of 1kg and 5kg

  • For large quantities, we use steel drums of 185kg each, strapped 4 drums per shipping pallet.

  • Our preferred carrier is DHL. We do not include the shipping cost into the prices of our oils. In this way, clients can use their own carrier discounts and shipping preferences to get the best price.

  • We prepare all the necessary export documentation including COA, MSDA and Certification in order for our oils to pass quickly and easily through any customs, around the world.

Wholesale Payment Terms:

For first time clients, we always require the oils to be paid in full, before the shipment is released. If you are a first time client of Visagenics, you also can get a special shipping discount. We always work towards establishing long term relationships with our corporate buyers and offer convenience and security in all transactions. (Note that you can always fully inspect the shipment on the ground in Bulgaria, before the payment, so that all parties are comfortable with the process.)

  • For regular clients we offer highly flexible payment terms, including partial pay upfront. We normally use Bank Transfers. For small quantities we can also accept PayPal payments on Invoice.

  • We offer 100% guarantee on the quality of the oils. If for any reason, the oils that you received from us, do not meet the negotiated specifications, you will get a full refund and the shipment will be returned to us on our expense. (So far, in our history, we never had a returned shipment)



Finest Quality Essential Oils

from our own farms and distillery in Rose Valley, Bulgaria

Get to know visagenics

Visagenics is a trusted name for producing and exporting the finest quality essential oils. We are located in Bulgaria and cater to the clients across the globe. We are capable of providing wholesale quantities at the most competitive prices. Also, we undertake international shipping of large quantities. We offer a wide array of Bulgarian herb essential oils, which is 100% pure and has therapeutic properties.

  • We are the Bulgarian essential oils manufacturer and not agents.

  • We have our own field in the cleanest region of Bulgaria. We grow our herbs using only organic farming means. Those who are interested in visiting our farms and refinery can book a tour with us and observe the production process.

  • We make available oils for some of the largest French and American companies.

  • We ship our oils in 200L/185kg drums strapped 4 drums per shipping pallet.

  • We provide our oils at competitive prices on an international level. Our pricing is in Euro and is EXW.

  • We provide complete certification documentation for all our oils, including COA and MSDA certificates.

  • We are capable of shipping wholesale quantities of oil to any location across the globe. Our main storage is located near Sofia International Airport in Bulgaria.

  • We have our offices in CA, USA & Bulgaria. We are planning to open the second storehouse in Salt Lake City, USA.

We make sure to deliver the orders to the clients regardless of the geographical location. You just need to click the "contact us" button and fill in your requirements; we will be back with a quote on any business day. In addition, we offer full traceability for all of our oils from seed to bottle, which is hard to find anywhere else in the market.

MOQ (5kg and up). Export packaging 185kg drums strapped 4 per shipping pallet. All quotes are in Euro/EXW

Visagenics produces and exports some of the finest essential oils in Bulgaria. We can ship large quantities and you have a rich assortment of Bulgarian herb essential oils to choose from. All oils are 100% pure and therapeutic grade. We are proud with our quality and we are reliable and professional partner to all our clients.

  • Wherever you’re located in the world, we will ship directly to you. The process is simple – click on "contact us" with your requirements and we’ll return you a quote in a business day.

In addition, we provide full traceability for all of our oils from seed to bottle. It’s a rare thing to have full history of essential oils in today’s global market, but just one more benefit to working with VISAGENICS.