Visagenics Bulgarian Juniper Berry Essential Oil

VISAGENICS Bulgarian Juniper Berry Essential Oil differs from other juniper essential oils as it is derived solely from the berries of the juniper shrub. Other juniper essential oils also include the extract from the needles and the bark of the coniferous plant.

Juniper berry essential oil is steam-distilled from the whole berries, producing a clear, pale and thin liquid with a fresh, green aroma representing a middle fragrance note.

Visagenics Juniper Berry

How to use

Bulgarian juniper berry essential oil can be used in aromatherapy as well as in topical and cosmetic preparations for a range of benefits.

1.      Antibacterial/antiseptic/fungicide

Dilute with a carrier oil and apply directly to wounds or skin irritation. A few drops can be added to bath water to ease fungal infections or foot odors.

2.      Diuretic

Combined with foods or liquids, juniper berry essential oil can help combat bladder infections as it stimulated urine production.

3.      Healing to many skin complaints

Many acne sufferers find adding a few drops of juniper berry essential oil to a mild skin tonic helps to mitigate active acne breakouts. Added to topical ointments, it aids in rapid healing from minor wounds and irritations such as bug bites, cuts, and scrapes.

4.      Digestive support

Directly inhaled or added to food or beverage, stimulates digestive enzymes, which make it easier to break down the foods you eat.

5.      Cleansing and detoxifying

Stimulates blood circulation and urine production, helping you flush harmful toxins from your body.

6.      Heartburn

Blend one or two drops of juniper berry essential oil into a teaspoon of coconut oil and massage onto the stomach area to relieve symptoms.

7.      Cellulite

Add a few drops to your favorite natural body cream and massage into areas affected by cellulite. Combinations that include grapefruit essential oil are said to be beneficial.

8.      Circulation

Diffused into the air or a few drops added to a diffuser necklace helps to stimulate circulation.

9.      Dandruff/alopecia

Add a few drops to your favorite dandruff shampoo to boost beneficial effects and prevent scalp flaking, itching, and hair loss.

10.  Culinary

A couple of drops of Bulgarian juniper berry essential oil is all it takes to enjoy the vibrant, tangy, and earth flavors of juniper in your favorite recipes. Add two drops to your morning smoothie to enjoy many healthful benefits as well as the taste!


Juniper berry essential oil is generally considered safe to use as it is well-tolerated by allergy sufferers. Do test for your own sensitivity prior to liberal use, as individual results vary. Always heed recommended dilution ratios: 1:1 for wound treatment, or five drops per teaspoon for shampoo, skin tonic, or massage. Use with caution if you have sensitive skin or are taking hormone replacement medications.

Avoid juniper berry oil completely if you have existing kidney or liver disease. Do not use in or near mucous membranes such as eyes, ears, or inside the nose.

Use with caution with children and pets and do speak to a qualified natural healthcare practitioner who is well-versed in aromatherapy. Do not use if you are pregnant, nursing, or suspect that you may be pregnant as its safety during pregnancy has not been established and it may well have an adverse effect on natural hormone production.

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learn about Juniper Berry Essential Oil

The fruity-sweet, balsamic scent of juniper berry essential oil is instantly recognizable; as the primary botanical used to flavor gin, it has gained much notoriety, but juniper also has a wider culinary influence in haute cuisine, where it is used to flavor sauces, meats, and even sauerkraut.

 As a medicinal herb, juniper berry is a powerful detoxifier, known to cleanse the kidneys and liver and to clean the air in sick rooms. As far back as Ancient Greece, juniper berries (along with the wood of the shrub) were burned during epidemics, the practice continuing through the late 1800s when the French burned it in hospitals during the smallpox epidemic.

In Ancient Rome, juniper berries were favored over pepper as a seasoning and it was recommended by such early medical practitioners as Pliny, Galen, and Cato the Elder, who formulated them into a diuretic wine concoction that included large amounts of berries, crushed, heated, and mixed with red wine that was then bottled and stored for 10 days or more prior to using as a morning tonic.

During the middle ages, crushed juniper berries were added to hot baths to improve respiratory function and they were widely considered an excellent headache remedy as well as a somewhat “magical” elixir that had the power to do all kinds of things from preventing infection to warding off evil and restoring lost youth.

Today, it is used as an air purifier, an antiseptic, a detoxifier, and an immune-booster. It is also a tremendously beneficial essential oil to use in skin and cosmetic preparations.


Bulgarian Juniper Berry Essential Oil Description

The primary chemical constituents of Bulgarian Juniper Berry essential oil are:

·       alpha-pinene

·       beta-pinene

·       alpha-phellandrene

·       camphene

·       caryophyllene

·       sabinene

·       myrcene

·       p-cymene

·       y-terpinene

·       alpha-terpinene

·       b-phellandrene

·       terpinen-4-ol

·       1,4-cineole

·       bornyl acetate

 It also contains, though to a lesser degree, linalool, borneol, nerol, camphor, limonene, and linalyl acetate.

Used in aromatherapy as well as natural medicinal compounds, it is considered a dependable remedy for mental and physical fatigue, anxiety, and mood disorders. It can also address many skin complaints, such as acne, eczema, alopecia, dandruff, and psoriasis. It can also be used in therapeutic massage, where it not only eases aching muscles but goes deep to improve blood circulation and rid the body of harmful toxins like uric acid.

Its ability to treat cosmetic issues such as cellulite is still being explored, but as it is a powerful detoxicant and diuretic, the potential is certainly there.

Production Notes

Our juniper Berry essential oil is extracted from organic sources in the highly desirable Bulgarian mountains and valleys. It is here that it grows wild in its natural habitat, giving us access to the purest and most concentrated berries available anywhere for essential oil production. In fact, if you check the source, the vast majority of high-quality juniper berry essential oil comes from Bulgaria.

Our production facilities are located close to the growing areas, meaning we are able to bring the fruit to the still very quickly after harvest, ensuring that all the aromatics and beneficial compounds are properly preserved during the entire process.

Our commitment to quality is a promise we make to you. We know you have a choice in essential oil providers and we stand by our claims of integrity in manufacturing and purity of product so that you can be confident you are getting the highest-quality essential oil money can buy.