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September 20, 2020 3 min read

Budget-Friendly Home Prep for Another Coronavirus Quarantine

While many states have started reopening after a lengthy shutdown, the coronavirus pandemic is far from over. Some experts suggest that intermittent shutdownsmay become the new norm until we can get case numbers under control. While you’re doing your part to practice social distancing, wear a mask in public, and avoid large crowds, take some time to prepare for another round of quarantine—just in case.


From decluttering your home to making your own cleaning supplies, there are plenty of ways to get your home ready for another lockdown! And by getting started now, you can avoid overspending and adding financial worries to the picture.


Say Goodbye to Bad Vibes


Another quarantine might sound like a nightmare if your home is full of bad energy. Bad energy leads to family conflict, negative relationships, clutter, and stress. Fortunately, Redfin recommends several waysto cleanse your home and revive your space. Remove any clutter that’s weighing you down, dust, vacuum, and polish every inch of your home, and open the windows to let in some fresh air.


You can also use essential oils from Visagenicsto bring more calm and positivity to your living space. High quality, ultra-pure oils go further and are more effective, stretching every penny you spend on aromatherapy. After injecting some good vibes into your home, you might just want to spend all your time there!


Invest in Some New Décor


Adding some new decorations is another great way to make your home feel fresh and exciting! Splurge on some new throw pillows, wall art, or a beautiful rug to breathe new life into your home environment. If you’re on a budget, consider getting just a few candles or plants to place around your home. Stores like QVC are great places to check for clearance itemsand discounts on your home décor solutions! Just remember to grab some QVC promo codesbefore shopping so you can stretch your budget a little further.


Rearrange Your Furniture


If you don’t want to spend any money right now, try redecorating your home with the stuff you already have. For example, House Beautiful recommends moving your sofa away from the wall to make your living room feel spacious and airy. You can also switch up the art on your walls to quickly revamp any room in your home. And don’t be afraid to get creative! Look for ways to repurpose furniture in your home, like turning an old kitchen stool into a colorful bedside table.


Get Comfortable Working from Home


If you started working from home during the pandemic, this might be your new normal for a while. Make sure you have a comfortable spacein your home where you can plug away at your work for long hours. Carve out room for a real desk and ensure your chairis supportive by adding pillows and adjusting the height. You may also want to turn some old drawers into shelvesso you can store all of your work-related papers and supplies off your desk and out of the way.


Create Space for Rest and Relaxation


Don’t forget to make space in your home for relaxation as well! Having a personal place where you can go to relax can be an excellent stress-reliever when you’re stuck at home. Set up a cozy reading nook in your bedroom, transform a guest bedroom into a meditation sanctuary, or design a refreshing outdoor living space on your patio. Pillows, candles and a cozy blanket can make almost any space more comfortable and relaxing—for minimal expense and effort!


Make Some Cleaning Supplies


Making your own cleaning supplies is a great way to prepare for another shutdown. All you need is a few simple household items to make coronavirus-killing disinfectants. For example, you can make your own hand sanitizer by combining three parts isopropyl alcohol to one part aloe vera gel. You’ll be stocked up and ready should there be a major outbreak where you live and store shelves are bare again.


No one wants another shutdown, but it might be necessary to reduce the spread of a second wave of COVID-19. Do some budget-friendly home prep now so you won’t be caught off guard like last time! This is a great opportunity to make a few home upgrades so you can enjoy a fresh, clean, and inviting home if you have to weather another quarantine in the future.

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